Aug. 25 Plans

StandalonelogoOur first formal gathering of the Wesleyan Covenant Association’s Holston chapter is still on for Saturday, Aug. 25, in Kingsport.

Both the Rev. Keith Boyette, president of the WCA, and the Rev. Walter Fenton, the WCA’s vice president for strategic engagement, will be present to help lead worship and carry out the business of organizing the Holston chapter.

The gathering will be held at Glen Alpine UMC in Kingsport, located at 3200 Glen Alpine Road. Registration begins at noon; worship will be at 1 p.m., followed by our business meeting. We will be electing a board and officers at this time.

Regarding WCA Membership:

Anyone is welcome to attend this event, but candidates for officers and the board must be paid members of the national WCA, and voting also will be limited to current, paid WCA members.

We will make provisions for attendees to sign up for the WCA the day of the event. Most of you, however, will find it easier to join online. To join before the Aug. 25 meeting, go to the Wesleyan Covenant Membership Page.

When you join, be sure to mark that you are in the Holston Conference. If you are unsure whether you marked yourself as being in the Holston Conference when you joined, let your current acting directors know via e-mail, and we will check on your status.

And of course, let’s all continue to be in prayer as we move toward General Conference 2019.

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