Holston WCA Leadership

The Holston Wesleyan Covenant Association’s board of directors has announced some leadership changes.

The Rev. Chuck Griffin, previously the board’s vice-chair, now serves as the board’s chair. Delisa Hammons, a lay member of the board of directors, assumes the role of vice-chair. Both Griffin and Hammons were unanimously affirmed for their new roles by the board.

The Rev. Rowland Buck, elected chair at the Holston WCA’s inaugural meeting Aug. 25, asked to be relieved of the chair’s duties, citing developments requiring short-term wellness leave from his pastoral role. Buck remains a member of the Holston WCA board.

With board approval, Griffin also assumed the role of clergy delegate to the WCA’s first Global Legislative Assembly, held Nov. 2 in Marietta, Ga. Jeff Weiss was Holston’s lay delegate.

“We’re excited to see the WCA taking shape as a scripturally sound, orthodox Methodist movement,” Griffin said. “As we look toward the United Methodist Church’s called General Conference in 2019, we have much planning to do as we anticipate the possible outcomes. We want the WCA members living in the Holston Conference to have as much voice as possible.”

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