Annual Conference Plans

From Your Holston WCA Board

With less than a month until the Holston Annual Conference, we thought we should share some plans regarding the June 9-12 gathering.

We’ve prayed about and discussed what we need to do, and just as critically, what we don’t need to do while at Lake Junaluska. Last year, our goal was simple: Let people know there is an organized effort to maintain and perhaps even strengthen the United Methodist Church’s reliance on Scripture. We set up displays, handed out information sheets, signed up new members and offered WCA name badge labels as a response to the plethora of rainbow stickers we’ve seen for years.

This year, we’re planning a faithful but quiet presence. Our Holston Annual Conference leaders already have eliminated display spaces this year, and we believe their decision encourages a low-key approach.

Emotions surrounding General Conference 2019 already have made this a painful year for United Methodists. It is our prayer that during our Holston Annual Conference, a particular saying of Jesus—“Peace be with you”—will guide us all. So as a board, we’re asking this of WCA supporters during annual conference: If you have badge stickers, lapel pins, or any other WCA items, leave them at home.

Don’t worry, we will be busy. There is important work to be done at annual conference, and it centers on voting. Through the Holston WCA website, we will provide guidance regarding the election of delegates to the 2020 General Conference.

Before conference begins, we will recommend eligible clergy and laity we believe will uphold traditional Methodist values. During conference, we’ll use the blog function on the website to update those recommendations as needed.

If you’re not already signed up for updates from the website, you can do so at the bottom of any Holston WCA web page—just look for “Register with Us.”

Let’s all be in prayer for our conference leaders and our upcoming June gathering.


One Comment on “Annual Conference Plans

  1. I agree, let’s be the peace-loving people at Holston. John Anderson


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