Post AC Planning

Chuck Griffin
Holston WCA Chair

I can tell from social media there is a lot of “what’s next” talk among Traditionalists in the Holston Conference following our annual conference.

There is something we need to be doing now and continually—pray. In particular, we need to pray in ways that keep our hearts aligned with God and open to communication with progressives in the conference. Wherever we are headed, we will need to be able to talk.

On Sunday at annual conference, the Rev. Kim Goddard, the first clergy person elected to our General Conference 2020 delegation, offered the gathered body a covenant to consider. I liked it, and I intend to treat it as a prayer, lifting it daily and allowing it to shape my other prayers until General Conference 2020 arrives. Here it is:

I covenant to pattern my belief and practice by the life and teaching of Jesus, revealed in Holy Scripture, and seasoned by tradition, reason and experience.

I covenant to focus on the mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

I covenant to pray for clear direction for the United Methodist Church, the Holston Conference, for my district and local church, and for myself. I pray for courage to follow the direction I believe God is leading.

I covenant to see every person as beloved by God and created in God’s Image.

I covenant to treat all with respect by assuming the best in others, speaking the truth with love, and avoiding divisive and hurtful speech or actions.

I covenant to work for a fair and just resolution giving every Holston United Methodist a church free of divisive fights and acts that harm our church and our witness.

I hope some of you will join me in this endeavor. Blessings on all of you.

One Comment on “Post AC Planning

  1. I will pray this prayer every day and also pray for God,s will to be done in my life and our church. For jn the end it is God church


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