Living in Uncharted Territory

I don’t like change. I don’t like being uncomfortable or not knowing what lies ahead. But it seems this is what we’re being forced into, both in our world and as United Methodists. As the leader of the prayer-focused Holston chapter of the WCA Intercessors Network, I would like to share some insights to help you direct your prayers as we walk through this time together.

During Holy Week I re-read the Exodus account of Passover and saw many parallels with our current situation. For generations, the Hebrew people only knew one way of life—that of being under the influence of the Egyptian society. Then a “fullness of time” moment came when God catapulted them from everything they knew into the unknown. Although this freed them to experience God in new and amazing ways, they had to resist the pull to go back to what was familiar. As United Methodists, we’re being forced to make a similar choice. We can stay connected to church as we know it, or we can let go and step into the unknown.

When I was asking the Lord for prayer strategies to overcome the opposing forces before General Conference 2016, he interrupted my thoughts with a picture of a cocoon and said, “Are you willing to let go of your cocoon in order to become my butterfly?” As I “saw” that butterfly let go and fly out of the cocoon, all of a sudden it exploded with blinding light. I realized the Lord was saying that people aren’t the problem. The real issue is that the structure we know cannot hold the glory he is ready to release through us. Are we willing to grow into the next season with him?

I don’t know what this will look like. We have a great heritage and all of it will bear fruit, but I can’t determine what parts of my understanding or desires have to be shaken off and left behind. I do know the key is to keep my eyes on Jesus. The Israelites made mistakes in the new land. They struggled, even despaired at times, but as they looked to God’s presence in the cloud by day and the fire by night, he guided them through.

I invite you to join us in praying for the Lord to see Holston through into our new land. God’s heart is for every person in Holston to cling to him and enter into the new. Let’s join our voices with his and not leave anyone behind in Egypt!


  • WCA President Rev. Keith Boyette, Vice President Rev. Walter Fenton and Council Members.
  • Work of the WCA, including drafting a “Book of Doctrines and Discipline” and forming task forces for the six identified areas of ministry (see “Ministry Task Forces Forming” article on WCA website).
  • Other ongoing work. Holston WCA President Rev. Chuck Griffin and leaders.
  • That all our churches and pastors be focused on sharing the love and peace of Christ during this waiting time.

The Holston WCA Intercessory Prayer Group meets on Zoom at 11 a.m. Wednesdays and we would love for you to join us.

Becky Wilder –

2 Comments on “Living in Uncharted Territory

  1. Thank you Becky. Reluctantly but prayerfully we move along. There was nothing wrong with the Book of Discipline that a little adherence by our Bishops would not fix .
    We pray for all🙏


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