Do You Love Me More Than These?

Our daughter-in-law made the courageous choice a few years ago to marry our son, leave all she knew in her native Kyrgyzstan, and come to America. As I have watched her struggle to learn a new language and culture it has made me realize how much I’m attached to what I know and am comfortable with.

Recently I read again the story of Peter in John 21. After the trauma of Jesus’ death, and then the incredible proof of his resurrection, Peter’s emotions must have been a mess. So, he returned to fishing, to the familiar, to what made sense in his crazy roller coaster life. Now Jesus was asking him to choose whom or what he loved the most. Would he decide to go back to what he was comfortable with or step out into the unknown? It’s one thing to invite Jesus into our life; quite another to let go and follow Him into His.

I wonder if John Wesley and his friends felt a similar struggle in the early days of Methodism. They had no intention of starting a new denomination. Wesley’s dream and focus was to bring a renewal of the Holy Spirit to the Church of England, the church he knew and loved. But, with the Revolution and pioneer lifestyle of our new nation, a different expression of the Gospel was needed. God formed a new denominational structure carried by circuit riders—a far cry from the Church of England model Wesley had known.

Once again we are struggling with how to get the Good News to our generation. What will our new expression look like? Pray for our WCA leaders to have clear vision to see God’s plan for our future as Methodists, even if it is radically different than what we have known. God’s promise to build his church still stands and if we choose to love him “more than these,” he will see us through.

Also, I encourage you to read the 7/20/20 report, God of Hope by Bishop Khegay of the UMC Eurasia Episcopal Area for insight into how other Methodists are struggling during this Covid-19 crisis.

August Prayer Points

  • Global WCA President Rev. Keith Boyette, Vice President Rev. Walter Fenton and Council Members
  • Clear vision from the Lord as they work to prepare for the future
  • Ongoing work for General Conference 2021 and the “Protocol”
  • Open up ways to get WCA’s message to more Methodist members and churches
  • Provision and bold witness in this Covid-19 time, especially in nations with limited resources
  • Holston WCA Chapter President Rev. Chuck Griffin and other leaders
  • Formation of Small Groups within Holston
  • Holston General Conference delegates to hear God clearly
  • Bishop Taylor and Cabinet as they lead Holston

The Holston WCA Intercessory Prayer Group meets on Zoom at 11:00 Wednesdays and we would love for you to join us. Contact me at and I will send you the access link.

Becky Wilder
Holston WCA International Intercessor Network Leader

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