20 days of prayer and fasting

On February 20th the Commission on General Conference will meet to determine if it is feasible to go forward with plans for General Conference in August and/or options if the usual way of gathering is not possible. Rev. Leo Park, lead intercessor for the WCA International Intercessory Prayer Network is calling for three weeks of increased prayer with fasting (method of your choice), to cover the Commission and process.

Rev. Park explains we are like midwives to oversee the birth of the new Methodism. Our prayers are two fold: To protect from any attempts of the enemy to derail God’s plans and to intercede for the Lord’s will and way to be clear to the Commission.

Would you join us in seeing our way through? Thank you for your faithful prayers as we wait together for God’s perfect timing.


  • God’s will and timing for General Conference
  • Global WCA President Rev. Keith Boyette, Vice President Rev. Walter Fenton and Council Members
  • Bishop Taylor and Cabinet as they lead Holston and prepare for new appointments
  • Holston WCA Chapter President Rev. Chuck Griffin and other leaders
  • Pastors and congretations to have creative ways to look after one another

The Holston WCA Intercessory Prayer Group meets on Zoom at 11:00 Wednesdays and we would love for you to join us. Contact me at wilderfamily@hotmail.com and I will send you the access link.

Becky Wilder

WCA International Intercessor Leader for Holston Chapter

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