“Let My People Go” Again

The Rev. Dr. Brad Scott has done a great job of helping us process current UMC events.

Encouraging Words

The United Methodist Church (at least those who follow the news) is reeling with the actions of a bishop in the North Georgia Annual Conference who has closed down the largest church in her conference and seized their assets. She did this to retaliate against the church for its, let’s see. What was it. Oh yes, they decided to question her right to remove their pastor without asking them for input. She made an appointment projection in April of this year that sought to bring new leadership to this the largest church in her conference at a time that neither the church nor the current pastor anticipated. The church, rightly, balked and the current pastor turned in his credentials (an act that removed him from her power), and the church turned around and hired him, as is their right, to a non-appointive position they created (Lead Preacher and Senior Administrator)…

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2 Comments on ““Let My People Go” Again

  1. Chuck, the Mt. Bethel mess and the media attention it is getting is the last thing the UMC…..err, drop the “U” needs right now. Best regards John Anderson


    • You’re probably right, but it’s happening nonetheless. I suspect the legal ramifications of the trust clause are about to be explored thoroughly in North Georgia.


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