First UMC Alcoa Joins WCA

Be sure to take a look at First UMC of Alcoa’s home page. Leaders there yesterday announced their decision to join the Wesleyan Covenant Association in a very public way.

As it says in their news release, the Holston Chapter of the WCA is of course very happy to have First UMC Alcoa as a member. Because of the church’s large facilities, its location in the heart of our conference, and the church members’ dedication to traditional, scriptural Methodism, the Holston WCA already is planning ways to deploy First UMC as its anchor church. The church will be a critical part of our advocacy group’s operations as we move through what is becoming a critical time of discernment for United Methodist churches everywhere.

We at the WCA encourage such public announcements regarding where churches stand. We regularly receive calls from people in communities wanting to know where they can find a traditional, biblical Methodist church.

The WCA offers both individual and church memberships. Details about how to join can be found on the WCA membership page. We are grateful for all our individual and church members.

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