An Offer

By Chuck Griffin

As the designated contact for the Holston chapter of the Wesleyan Covenant Association, I get a surprising number of calls from people asking a basic question: “Where can I go to church?”

These people are, of course, traditional Methodists who seek a pastor and congregation aligned with their values. They largely come from these categories:

  1. Methodists moving into the Holston Conference from other areas.
  2. Methodists who have left a church after becoming frustrated by expressions of liberal theology.
  3. Conservative Christians returning to church after a long hiatus. They are attracted to Methodism, but they’ve figured out not all Methodist churches are the same.

I of course want to help these people find a church home. I check our WCA membership lists, seeking churches and pastors I know are traditional and scriptural in their approach, and then I try to send these church seekers in the right direction.

Frankly, I could use a broader list. Working from the membership list alone, I sometimes have gaps if I want to send people to a nearby church. I know we have plenty of conservative churches in the conference, but I also know how some of you at those churches are nervous about making a public statement about your theological stance, one along the lines of what First UMC in Alcoa did recently.

Here’s an offer to traditionally minded churches and pastors in the Holston Conference. Even if you’ve not joined the WCA, I would be glad to keep your names on a private list for such referrals, if you can assure me your church is one where traditional Methodists will be comfortable and want to remain for several years.

You can start the process by sending an email to

One Comment on “An Offer

  1. Chuck,

    I’m a member of Cokesbury UMC. I’ve not heard a word about what they plan, & the Alcoa church is a little too far to travel for my wife & me. Do you know which way CUMC is leaning?



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