Rumor Control

By Chuck Griffin

Back in my public relations days, we occasionally had to engage in an exercise called “rumor control.” I guess I had better practice it once again.

I have it on good authority that there is a rumor floating around the Holston Conference about our chapter of the Wesleyan Covenant Association. According to the rumor, your WCA leaders are organizing an effort to prevent approval of online voting during Saturday’s Holston Annual Conference.

In short, this is NOT TRUE. As leader of the Holston chapter, I can say that the Holston WCA Board members have had no discussions regarding this subject. I have no idea who started this rumor.

Again, the primary purpose of the WCA is to advocate for traditional, scriptural Methodism.

Let’s all be in prayer for our Saturday gathering and the pandemic-induced difficulties surrounding it.

3 Comments on “Rumor Control

  1. There are traditionalists needing online voting as well, so we are definitely not organizing any movement against online voting!


  2. Chuck,

    Thanks for all your work staying on top of issues like this.

    Charlie McEntyre


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