Special Circumstances

By Charles McEntyreHolston WCA Board Vice Chair

I am taking on a particular task, serving as the direct contact for traditional Methodists in our region who are positioned to move to the Global Methodist Church very quickly.

As many of you may be aware, the GMC became an active denomination Sunday, May 1. If your church fits all three of the following criteria, please reach out to me as soon as possible.

1) Your members are pretty much of one mind about wanting to join the Global Methodist Church.

2) You have a theologically conservative pastor who also is ready to move to the GMC, or you are ready to begin the search for one.

3) As a group, you are ready to vacate your church building and begin to worship in facilities not tied to the United Methodist Church.

Please contact me via email if you can affirm all three points above. Send the email to holstonwca@gmail.com, and it will be forwarded to me. I will respond to you in a timely way.

May all of you continue to be blessed in this season of Easter!

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