Judicial Council Rules ‘No’

By Chuck Griffin, Holston WCA President

The United Methodist Church’s Judicial Council has ruled whether an annual conference can vote to withdraw from the UMC and move to the GMC. In short, the answer is no—not without the General Conference first meeting and passing enabling legislation. Once again, the conspiracy to prevent a General Conference from happening this year continues to bind us to schismatic liberals and institutionalists who refuse to abide by or enforce what is already a conservative, traditional UM Discipline. Here is the full text of the Judicial Council decision:

Decision Number 1444

3 Comments on “Judicial Council Rules ‘No’

  1. Chuck, as you know we left Munsey 18 months ago but I still follow the WCA-GMC situation.  It is sad that the UMC is making such a mess of this.  I believe some members (how many ???) will tire of the conflict and just leave the church. I still donate to the national WCA but would happily move it to the Holston WCA.  Tell me how to do it. Best regards — John Anders

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    • John, we’ve not pushed hard for donations at the regional level, but they likely will be useful in this environment we find ourselves entering. Those can go to the Holston WCA, P.O. Box 131, Jonesborough, TN 37659.

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