Pension Liability Data Online

Pension liability data for all United Methodist churches in the Holston Conference are now online. The information is not easy to find, but we will try to help. Before you begin, you will want to know your church’s GCFA Church Number, as the data table is organized by that number rather than by church name. That church number is at the top of your annual report to the conference.

You also probably should read all the way to the bottom of this article before you begin clicking links.

Step 1: Go to the Conference Disaffiliation FAQ page, found at

Step 2: Scroll down until you reach the question, “How was the pension liability formula developed?” Click on the highlighted last sentence in that four-paragraph answer.

Step 3: You now will have before you a legal document that has to be filled out and signed before you can receive the actual data. We could have made going to that page Step 1, but we suspect that link might change over time as data are updated. As of today, the link is:

Once you submit that form, you then will receive a link to the data in an email.

We at the Holston WCA are disappointed the process is so complicated, and perhaps even … what’s the word … intimidating? Please remember, conference officials defined the process, not us.

Also, please remember that the dollar amount you see is not your total cost to disaffiliate. You will need to add in additional tithes beyond your time as a UM church, as well as other exit fees that will be demanded of you.

5 Comments on “Pension Liability Data Online

  1. Did not take me to the link and I have not received an email with the link.


    • That would be a matter to address with the Holston Conference, if you filled out the legal form and submitted it. They created the Rube Goldberg process, not us.


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