Do You Want Out or Do You Want In?

While watching a video of the spiritual hunger displayed at Asbury University last week, I heard the Holy Spirit say, “Do you want OUT…or do you want IN?” It was a sobering correction of my focus. What are my motives for disaffiliating? Do I want out of the UMC so I can get back to church as I think it should be, or do I want in on the radical change God is calling us all to as He takes us deeper into Himself?

As part of the Wesleyan Covenant Association Global Prayer Network, we are praying for the Lord to see us through into the new thing he is forming. Our Holston chapter meets every Wednesday through Zoom at 10:30 AM to share prayer needs and to pray through the many challenges we face. We would love to have you join us! Message me at and I will send you the Zoom login information.

You can also access a monthly personal prayer guide and encouraging word at by clicking on the Prayer header.

Becky Wilder, WCA International Intercessors Leader for Holston Chapter

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