Glimpsing the Future?

This has come up in other forums, but we’re sure all of you would like to look over the draft of what could serve as a Book of Discipline for a Traditional Methodist denomination …

WCA Releases Book of Doctrine and Discipline

Global Legislative Assembly 2019

Today kicked off the 2019 WCA Legislative Assembly. It was a productive day with the entire agenda accomplished in a way that brought glory to our Lord.

We elected 7 delegates to serve the 2022 class. The Resolution endorsing the Indianapolis Plan was debated and adopted with a couple of minor changes. The resolution for receiving and commending the “Draft Book of Doctrines and Disciplines was passed and immediately released to the public for their reading and comments are welcome. The resolution for empowering Ministry Task Forces as accepted and those wishing to join one of these teams can contact WCA President Keith Boyette explaining which team and why you would like to work with that team.

Here is the link to read the Draft of Doctrines and Discipline:–Book-of-Doctrines-and-Discipline-.html?soid=1126286182973&aid=68Om2dIeXTE

It was a great Legislative Session with a spirit of unity and Christlikeness. There were 225 delegates present and the diversity of young people, women, men, and ethnic minorities was astounding. I have not been in a meeting in recent times where I felt this excited about the spirit in the room. A spirit of doing something exciting and new. A spirit of working together, and a spirit of orthodoxy. We were actually working together as one.

There were many comments from people who are ready to see change in our church.

“I’m past wanting to shake the dust off my feet and go, but I am grateful for WCA holding us to patient love.”

“Separation will occur in May 2020, Either because a resolution is adopted for amicable separation or because it all comes apart, and the latter would be a more harsh separation for everyone.”

We began the day with approximately 400 people with delegates and observers and by the end of the day we had grown to near 1000 people. Tomorrow as many as 3000 people are expected to be in person and in satellite sites around the world for the closing day.

Submitted by Ronnie G Collins – Clergy Delegate, Holston Conference WCA

Praying for Nov. 8 and 9

As the Holston WCA, let’s be praying for the very important upcoming gatherings in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

First, there is the opportunity on Nov. 9 to attend Transformed, a worship and learning event at Asbury UMC in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Click on the link for more information. If you cannot make it to Tulsa, you might instead want to consider a simulcast site. Depending on where you are, you might want to see if sites in the Carolinas or Georgia are closest to you.

Let’s also remember our delegates as they head to Tulsa a day early for the Wesleyan Covenant Association’s Global Legislative Assembly. Most people involved in the WCA understand just how important 2020 is going to be for the future of Methodism, and these folks will be establishing the path going forward.

Transformed from Wesleyan Covenant Association on Vimeo.


Holston WCA Elections

Holston WCA members elected two new board members at their Sept. 21 annual meeting, the Rev. Ronnie Collins and the Rev. Jay Ferguson. The members also voted to allow the board to elect its officers at the next board meeting.

Additionally, those present elected delegates to the Wesleyan Covenant Association’s Global Legislative Assembly, scheduled for Nov. 8 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Lay delegates are Gregg Benefiel, David Bowden and Charlie McEntyre. Clergy delegates are Ronnie Collins, Jay Ferguson and Doug Jennings, with Russ Young serving as alternate.

Indianapolis Plan

The following is from Keith Boyette, president of the Wesleyan Covenant Association. It describes the “Indianapolis Plan,” the beginnings of what might go before 2020 General Conference.

“Centrists, Progressives and Traditionalists Work Toward a Fair Plan of Separation”