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Toward a Local GMC

New GMC conference developing.

GMC Pastors, Churches, Take Note!

We at the Holston chapter of the WCA are sending the following message on behalf of Rick Van Giesen, the transitional benefits officer for the Global Methodist Church. This information should be helpful for pastors and churches moving to the GMC. The attachments he… Continue Reading “GMC Pastors, Churches, Take Note!”

Do You Want Out or Do You Want In?

While watching a video of the spiritual hunger displayed at Asbury University last week, I heard the Holy Spirit say, “Do you want OUT…or do you want IN?” It was a sobering correction of my focus. What are my motives for disaffiliating? Do I… Continue Reading “Do You Want Out or Do You Want In?”

GMC Official in Morristown

GMC official in Morristown …

That Dangerous Waiting Game

By Chuck Griffin, Holston WCA President If you’re a traditional Holston-area Methodist who has kept up with news of the United Methodist Church the last few weeks, you may have a sense that time is running short for churches to depart the UMC for… Continue Reading “That Dangerous Waiting Game”